Ideas for stories

What you write about is up to you. It could be about any kind of animal, and about anything that they have done that will be of interest to others. Or perhaps you have a question which you would like comments on?

You could consider how animals have affected you. Did they:

  • Have an attitude that rubbed off on you
  • Overcome obstacles in a way that humans could not
  • Demonstrate the use of their sixth sense in some extraordinary way
  • Cleverly manipulate you to get what they wanted
  • Teach you something about yourself
  • Pass away leaving you a message
  • Impress you with their parenting skills
  • Give you the inspiration to follow your dream
  • Show an act of love or healing power
  • Give a valuable insight about another person or animal

You may want to think about how you can make your story exciting, sad, or funny. Describe the character/s. What problem did they face, how did they resolve it? What sets the animal apart from others, what is the amazing thing that happened? At the end you might surmise what lessons we can learn as a result.

Remember, people can add comments to your story. You may want to make the most of this opportunity and ask readers a question. How you use it is up to you.

If you have any questions please email