A fearless wanderer

Being the manager of an SPCA without an inspector, I also had to go to complaints etc. One day I had a call from a lady in the centre of town,a strange looking bird had turned up in her garden and could I come and pick it up. I took a cage and picked it up,it was black and white,with an unusual looking beak, smaller than a seagull,with webbed feet,right I thought, a sea bird,I rushed around the supermarkets looking for fish or somthing to feed it with,but it wouldnt have a bar of it.

My husband was at the shelter later that day and had a look at the bird,it showed no fear whatsoever and it was as if we were not there. Peter came from yorkshire,and had been on deep sea fishing boats. he said that bird is a prion, it follows the whales,what a surprise to find it so far inland. Because it wouldnt eat we took it to the coast the next day. it sat in my hands until I placed it on the beach,then without hesitation it took flight and flew out to sea. we watched until it was out of sight. good bye fearless wanderer.

Kathleen Ashbridge
True Story?: