A friend in need


When we brought a tabby kitten home from the SPCA he yelled at the top of his voice all the way from Mangere to Titirangi. Obviously he was upset at being whisked away from his litter mates, but worse was to follow when he got to his new home. There to greet him was a huge hairy creature with an enormous long pink tongue which insisted on running over every inch of his body. She was Anna, our German Shepherd.

Poor Osca spat his displeasure but by the following day, he realised Anna was a pushover, a real softie, and he took delight in springing onto her head and biting her long ears. When play got too rough, Anna simply held Osca's entire head in her mouth. That made him freeze, and decide it might be better to play outside on his own.

One sunny morning, when he had been with us just two weeks, I was inside, Anna lying beside my chair while Osca played on the patio. Suddenly Anna jumped to her feet, stared at me and began to whimper. She then rushed outside, still whimpering. This was odd behaviour so I followed. There in the middle of the paddling pool was poor Osca, floundering around. He was completely saturated and made no noise.

Rushing past me, Anna bounded in with a splash, picked the kitten up - rather awkwardly- around his tummy, then stepped our of the water and carefully dropped him at my feet. Before I could pick him up, she was licking him all over, whimpering all the time.

She is our hero, and Osca's too although he won't admit it!


True story by Doreen Kearney of New Zealand



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