A furry friend pays a visit

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A furry friend pays a visit


This is the moment when a man visiting a beach in Vancouver, Canada, himself received a very unusual visit. At first, he sighted an object in the sea some distance away, which he couldn’t identify, but it gradually got closer and closer, until he saw that it was actually coming right up to him. It was then he realised that the “object” was in fact a sea otter. This particular otter was curious enough to seek a close encounter with a human - it allowed him to stroke it, as it sniffed and even nipped the man’s legs.

Remarkably, sea otters can spend their entire lives in the sea, without ever leaving the water. They also have the densest hair of any animal in the world, with an amazing one million hairs per square inch! However, sea otters have no blubber under their skin, so to keep warm they have to consume up to 40% of their body weight every day. It is not known how often this group of sea otters swims into the shallows by the beach - for the visiting man, he may just have been in the right place at the right time.

What is known, however, is that sea otters like to live in large family groups. Their bonds are so strong that they have developed the endearing habit of holding on to each other when sleeping, to avoid drifting apart - now that’s togetherness!


Credit: Sourced and adapted from article at hyperativz.com




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