A life-and-death struggle

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A life-and-death struggle

Two people recently witnessed the moment a pair of hungry hippos stopped a wildebeest from being eaten by a crocodile - and then tried to get a bite for themselves. The amazing scene was captured on video in South Africa's Kruger Park by pensioner Mervyn Van Wyk, 72, who was visiting the park with his wife Tekkie.

The adventurous pair noticed the wildebeest happily grazing on the opposite side of the river, along with zebras and impalas. Mervyn's wife was happily snapping away when she noticed that one of the unlucky animals had been grabbed by a crocodile. It struggled for its life for eight minutes, with the wildebeest trying and failing to drag itself away from the water.

The exhausted animal was close to succumbing to the fearsome predator when suddenly two hippos appeared, before approaching the scene cautiously.

They suddenly sprang on the crocodile, forcing it to release its grip on the wildebeest - and crucially giving the creature a chance to escape.

But while it might seem that the hippos were rescuing the wildebeest, it is far more likely that they were showing territorial behaviour, and were actually trying to attack the animal in a bid to get it out of their area of water. Mervyn said: "We could not believe the rarity of this situation. I have never seen a hippo coming to the aid of another animal, it was simply astonishing. Remember, in Kruger, never rush away and always be patient, because amazing things can often be seen.” 

Credit: Sourced and adapted from article at dailymail.co.uk



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