A present for Mothering Sunday

A present for Mothering Sunday

It was Mothering Sunday (Mother's Day) and we had returned home after being out for lunch.

I was relaxing on the settee when my husband said, "Here's your bouquet coming!" Into the room ran my cat Willow with a large bunch of flowers in her mouth. She jumped up and dropped it on my lap.

She had been in the spare room and must have jumped on the windowsill to get at a large pot of busy Lizzies I had there. I know my husband wouldn't have believed it had he not seen it. She has never done it since, which is probably a good thing because some plants are poisonous to cats.


True story by Mrs. J Saunders of United Kingdom

From the book, Cats are SMARTER than JACK



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1. We hope you have enjoyed reading this story from one of our earlier books, Cats are SMARTER than JACK. A very happy Mother's day to all mothers.

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Mrs J Saunders
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