A resourceful cat


A resourceful cat



Smudge was a black and white stray tabby cat that adopted me when I flatted in Mt. Wellington. He was one of a family of feral cats that lived on a vacant section behind the block of flats that I lived in.


Although Smudge lived rough and generally shunned human contact, he seemed to like me and would come and say hello whenever I hung out my washing. I started feeding him and slowly over time he became more and more friendly until he would often come inside my flat and sit on my lap.


Even though I fed Smudge every day, his instinct was to hunt. He would stalk birds but I never saw him catch one. He did however catch rats and mice which he would leave on my back doorstep as if he thought he was giving me a gift.


Then one day, he took up a new sport. I was inside when I saw Smudge hanging around the goldfish pond in the tiny garden in front of my flat. From where I was standing, it looked as if he had something in his mouth. I crept up to the window and watched him. He put his face down to the pond and appeared to drop something into the water though it didn't look like a goldfish. As I watched, Smudge just sat there poised intently looking into the pond.


Soon I saw the surface of the pond ripple as goldfish came to the surface. Smudge's paw shot out and into the water, making a small splash. His paw returned empty handed. I rushed outside to shoo him away from the pond. When I got there, I saw the most amazing thing. A blob of Smudge's cat food was floating on the surface of the pond, which the goldfish were hungrily nibbling at. Smudge had gone fishing and had used some of his dinner as bait! 


For the next couple of weeks he tried this trick almost every day until I finally put some chicken wire over the pond to keep him out.



True story by Alexandra Day of New Zealand

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