A stallion and a barn cat

A stallion and a barn cat

Our Arabian stallion developed a close relationship with a barn cat during a cold winter in Saskatchewan, Canada.

We would go into the barn in the morning to see the cat curled up on the horse's back, warm and comfortable. The horse would just stand there, apparently trying not to disturb the sleeping cat.

One morning, though, the stallion was lying down and didn't get up when the barn door opened. This alarmed us, since horses usually stand, especially at feeding time. We looked in, to see the horse with its head on its outstretched front feet, staring into the corner.

The cat had just given birth to several kittens and the horse was intently watching over the birthing scene. The mother cat kept her delicate offspring safely in the stallion's box stall for several weeks, and he took care not to step on any of the babies.

The cat moved her kittens only when they started to roam too freely around the stallion's legs.

True story by Mark of Canada

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