A tale of a little lamb who fourght for survival

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This is a tale of a little lamb, and how she fourght for survival.................. Baby was born in the winter. it was a very cold night. Her mother, Peachey, had 2 other lambs too. Peachey had triplets. The first 2 lambs came out without any trouble. But the last one had to be pulled out because she was stuck. We didnt thik that she was going to come out because she came out a few minites later. The little lamb was very small. It was about 3 weeks until she was suppost to actually come out. She came inside and we put her in a box near the fire. Baby looked awfully small and we didnt think she would survive. Baby couldnt stand up and was really weak. But Baby did not give up. She fourght her way to survival. Baby stayed inside for 2 weeks then she got a bit better. She could stand up now. Baby webt out in the chook pen with the other lambs. She still wasnt that keen to run around, so she sat down and rested. Baby was very lucky. She DID NOT want to give up, she wanted to live! Baby grew stronger and she stook up more. She started to do little running laps around the chook pen. Baby always got knocked over by Larry and Regina, the older lambs. Larry and Regina soon went out into the paddock and Baby came too. They got fed all the time so Baby wasnt lonely. Baby grew stronger and stronger and stronger! She was still a very little lamb and her eyes werent fully open yet. Baby is still very little and she is a bit stonger now. ...........and that is the story of a littl lamb who fourght for survival!

Kiran Q
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