A tree climbing dog


Our dog Bella is the smartest dog I know. My brother has taught her many tricks including opening and closing kitchen cupboard doors. Bella loves to do this and often closes doors when we do not want her to!

Bella is a four year old black Labrador with a passion for fruit and veggies. She takes her passion to the limits by regularly stealing food from our kitchen counter.

We have a small orchard on our lifestyle block which includes an apricot tree. Bella loves summer, when the apricots come out and she can snatch at a couple of the lower ones. A couple of years ago she figured that she can climb. And climb she did. She climbed the apricot tree to get a snack! She still does this regularly and is not afraid to do it when we are around! However naughty she is I really love our little 'apricot eater'.


True story by Katie Gipp of New Zealand




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Katie Gipp
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