A Valentine's Day Surprise

On February 14, 2009, our cat Valentino adopted us. We had attended an event in the city, and on our way home we passed the RSPCA. Mum suggested that we could stop by and have a look at their new enclosures, as they were having an open day. Soon after, we were standing in the new cat enclosure, with several cats meowing loudly around us. But one cat in particular caught our eye. He was a quiet, unexceptional ginger tabby, but after one look at us, he rolled upside-down, and meowed, looking as cute as he could. We were instantly taken with this sweet, shy cat, and we saw that his name was Golly. Then, as we stood there, a lady who was loud and brisk burst in. "Now where's that cat, the one they said would suit my family?" She was after dear Golly! But we needn't have worried. When she approached him, he got up, turned a sullen back on her, and stalked away. She looked perturbed. "Well, I'm certainly not getting THAT cat!" and with that, she left! Immediately after, Golly was again as cute as could be. It was as if he was saying, "I didn't want that other lady, but you guys are nice - so take me home with you?" We couldn't resist his charms, we knew he'd chosen us for sure. Within the hour, he was home with us and purring contentedly. He's a wonderful addition to our family, and we couldn't love him more. We decided to call him Valentino, because he was our Valentine's Day Surprise.

Bethany Freeman
True Story?: