A zebra cossing

Ippo, the zedonk


A zebra crossing

A rare cross between a donkey and a zebra has been born in a zoo in China. The curious animal has the head and body of a donkey but the striped legs of a zebra, along with a few faint stripes on his sides. The creature is an offspring of a female zebra and a male donkey. It is shown walking around with stripes on its legs, making it look like it is wearing socks.

Zoo visitors can be seen getting right up close to the new born. 

Although rare, this is not the first time such a creature has been spotted. In 2013 a similar animal - the offspring of a male zebra and a female donkey - was born at an animal reserve in Florence, Italy. Adorable Ippo, who has the colouring of a donkey but the distinctive stripes of a zebra, was reported to be in good health. A zedonk is a type of zebroid, the offspring of any cross between a zebra and any other equine.  

Credit: Sourced and adapted from article at MailOnline, UK. 


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