The Adventures of Roue


 Over the years, I have had the pleasure and privilege of sharing my life with a number of cats, but none can compare with Roue my much loved, recycled moggie. Roue of course did not let his humble beginnings stand in the way of his ruling the house and keeping me in fits of laughter with his antics.

He was a well behaved puss, and understood the house rules, but on occasions things just got too much for him. One of these occasions was when I brought home a beautiful big lobster for Christmas lunch. He knew he was not allowed to jump up on to the work bench, although the little pussy prints I sometimes find indicated that he did adhere to the adage that what the human doesn't see doesn't count.

When I was there however he contented himself with standing on his back legs, front paws on the edge of the bench, and peering at what ever was being prepared, along with the odd pitiful meow to let me know he was faint with hunger. I had just arrived home from work about 11pm and all I wanted to do was put the lobster in the fridge and go to bed, but it was just that little bit too big, so I was breaking a few legs off before trying again. The smell and excitement became too much for my cat. He stepped down from the bench and moved away a few paces. I thought he had given up but then, without warning, he let out a loud meow and took a gigantic leap, landing on top of the lobster. For a moment I was so surprised I couldn't act but when the cat, the lobster, the plate, and a few severed legs flew, in about four different directions, I very quickly came back to life. Fortunately I caught the plate, before it hit the floor, but the lobster, legs, and cat scattered all over the place.

Once his wild skid was under control, Roue disappeared, no doubt realising he may have gone just a wee bit too far. No real harm had been done, as the lobster was still in its shell, and as I was retrieving the legs, a very apprehensive furry face peeped around the door. How a furry face can convey emotion has always fascinated me, and he looked so guilty, I couldn't help but laugh. It was almost Christmas anyway, so we sat on the floor together and shared a couple of succulent lobster legs. There was still plenty left for Christmas lunch.


True story by Helen Lawrie, Australia  



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Helen Lawrie
True Story?: