Aliens have landed!!!

It was so exciting I was going to get two new rabbits named Velveteen and Ebony. They had settled in very nicley so I thought that I should clean them out as they were getting very smelly. I had cleaned the wire mesh side of the hutch and was starting on the den. I was pulling out all the straw when these pink and black bald things started moving, I thought they were aliens. I soon reilised they were kittens (baby rabbits) and I ran into the house to tell my mum who was hovering.

After I told her about the rabbits she dropped the hover and ran into the run. What a lovely suprise 6 baby rabbits. Unfortunatly 1 died at the age of 2 days old it was very sad. All my buunies are now bigger than mum! and are still growing.

Scarlett lily herron-ward
True Story?: