I have this little dog called Astro, who has an obsession with bones. Every night, whenever I have a shower, Astro always whines, and scratches the door, so I let him in. He then sits, and stares at the sink. This went on for about 5 years, until I moved out into a new home. When I was about to take a shower, I heard the usual whining and scratching, so i let him in.He went straight for the sink like normal, took one glance, and trotted straight back out again! I examined the sink closely, and relized that the cupboard door no longer had the logo of my old houses sink brand, which was a sparkling bone! Astro must have loved bones so much, that he would just sit and stare at the drawing of that bone. Now, 3 months later, Astro has never wanted to come back in the bathroom.

Summer Fell
True Story?: 

It's really cute that your

It's really cute that your dog was observant enough to notice the bone logo on the sink! :-)

maybe there is a problem,

maybe there is a problem, with this obsesssion :(