Australian Animals are SMARTER than JACK 1

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 91 true stories. You'll see Australian animals quite differently.

Do you think that animals are smart? We think so and this book will confirm that. You will be surprised, entertained and enthralled.

You'll read about animals that outwit us, help us, cope with death and do really strange things. Some stories will make you laugh, others may have you in tears. This book will make perfect bedtime reading and a great gift.

You'll find out how:

  • Zac the Chihuahua rescued a wind-up mouse from the claws of death
  • Three kangaroos enjoyed a soccer game
  • Mitzi the cat saved a family from being burned alive
  • Sunny the horse raised the alarm after his mate was bittey by a snake
  • A fox had a novel solution for getting rid of fleas
  • A magpie got some peace from her insatiable offspring
  • A herd of cows paid their last respects to a dead cow
  • Sandy the dog visited the vet of her own accord to have her wound treated
  • Trixie the dog knew about a murder before it happened
  • Three Siamese cats got revenge on an Alsatian


150 pages

148 mm x 210mm, paperback


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