The Bashey Story

My nan has a beach house in Aireys Inlet which she visits in the holidays. At the house their is a flock of beautiful rosala birds which are very friendly!

When i go to her house i get to feed the birds. My little cousin helps. We named some of them cos they were like our pets. Their was also a naughty little Cockatoo that liked to steal the rosales food, we called him Ugly. Now there was one very special rosala which i named Bashey.

Bashey had a huge bare spot around his breast. Bashey got the name Bashey cos he was always bashed up by the other birds. Bashey was very lonely so i spent time with him. We were like brother and sister cos i was always bashed up by my little brother and sometimes i was very lonely. He was my best bird friend.

Whenever it was time to go back to Broadford, i spend a little bit more time with him. Then i let him jump on my head one last time before leaving. I see Bashey every time i go to the beach house. I REALLY LUV U BASHEY!

True Story?: