"The Bear", the cat with 15 lives

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 "The Bear", the cat with 15 lives

The saying goes that cats have nine lives. But this owner believes his 21-year-old cat, The Bear, has at least 15 lives - listing all the precarious incidents and illnesses he has managed to survive. Author Tom Cox, from Devon, UK, described how his moggie escaped death after being dumped by the side of a motorway by his original owner.

He said: 'The Bear has survived getting carbon monoxide poisoning and falling into the garden pond, as well as a case of heartbreak when his former neighbour’s elderly lady cat, Biscuit, refused his gentle advances. The black cat also managed to endure being attacked by a feral cat, who 'ripped holes in both his ears and his throat'.

He has suffered a range of ailments over the years, including most of his fur falling out because he was allergic to fleas. He was also diagnosed with cancer - which later vanished. Most recently, The Bear survived being accidentally locked outside in Storm Angus, after the electronic cat flap ran out of battery power. 

Sourced and adapted from article at MailOnline, UK. 



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