The bear necessities of life

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The bear necessities of life

It is hardly going out on a limb to say that this does not look like the most comfortable place for a nap. But this black bear slept like a log after climbing 100 feet up into the branches of a pine tree. Photographer Matthias Breiter, who captured the bear’s relaxed pose in the Tongrass National Forest, Alaska, said it is not unusual for the animals to sleep in trees because it keeps them safe from danger. But he was surprised to see such a big bear haul himself up and on to such a relatively small branch.

Mr Breiter said: “This is the largest male bear I have ever seen resting in a tree and you would think the narrow branches would be unstable under a 300lb bear as he sprawled out on them, but he did not seem the least bit nervous about falling. It also didn’t look at all comfortable, but he seemed pretty happy, and slept up there for hours.” 

After a refreshing forty winks, the bear carefully climbed back down for a spot of salmon fishing in a nearby stream. It really is a lazy bear’s life.

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