Benefits to your charity

No risk

There are no upfront costs and in some cases promotional material might be provided free.

Increases respect for animals

The stories are true and they show people just how smart animals really are.

Proven fundraising concept

SMARTER than JACK is well proven and has raised over NZ$450,000 for animal welfare organizations around the world. See what some other animal welfare organizations have to say.

When customers make a purchase on the Smarter than Jack website they select a charity that they would like to benefit. The charities receive 10% of what customers spend (excluding postage).

Simple process

There’s very little involvement on your part, other than promotion to supporters. You won't need to make any changes in the way that you communicate with your supporters, just make some simple additions to what you already do. Here is how it works.

Strong demand

The books almost sell themselves, after all, everyone enjoys stories about smart animals.

No contract to sign

You don't need to sign a contract with us. All you need to do is register your interest and upon approval you are set to go.