The best of friends

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The best of friends

These adorable retrievers are the best of friends and cannot stop cuddling and loving each other. Watson and Kiko have a heartwarming relationship with their owner Jennifer Medrano, who is Mexican, taking to Instagram to chronicle it in all of its doggy wonder. Watson is three years old and Kiko is six with the pair seemingly inseparable - though Harry the tabby cat likes to join in every now and then.

The adorable footage shows the best friends as they hug each other and take in the sunset. It's clear that they are very close, with owner Ms Medrano describing them as “true best friends”. Watson was born on 26 November, 2014 and is an English cream retriever. His owner describes him as loving hugs and as an “incredibly silly boy with a big heart”.

Ms Medrano also says that Watson is extremely affectionate and is always ready to share and show affection to the people surrounding him. She said: “He is always ready to go exploring. He loves swimming and eating sticks. However, his absolute favourite thing is to nudge me in my face every morning to get me to wake up.” His doggy best friend Kiko, on the other hand, is more of a kisser than a hugger, according to his owner.

Kiko was born on 3 June, 2011. He is an American retriever and joined Ms Medrano's family at the beginning of summer in 2015, after being lost for three years. Ms Medrano said: “Kiko is a super-needy dog, he is always reaching out with his snout to pick up your hand to get you to pat him. He suffers from anxieties, but that doesn't stop him from winning you over with his adorable eyes and sweet attitude.”  

The best friends are inseparable and spend their days playing together, although Harry the tabby cat sometimes interrupts. However, Harry seems a welcome addition to the friendship, with the cat resting his head on the dogs and also snuggling with Watson in the footage. Ms Medrano confirmed that the dogs spend all their time together. She said: “Both boys love the beach and long hikes, but when they are not out exploring, they are home snuggling each other. Watson and Kiko have grown to be very close and love one another; they are true best friends.”

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