The best suprise ever

It was a few days before my birthday and I was begging mum and dad for a pet. They kept saying no :( The night before I begged my parents again for the last time. On the morning of my birthday I ran into my parents room and started opening my presents. It was great I got pretty head bands and the pair of jeans that I had wanted for ages but no new pet. After school my friend Eva came round for some birthday tea. I was showing mum all the presents I had got at school.

When I had finished showing her my presents mum asked me to look in the utility room and there right infront of me was a giant mesh cage and inside were two very handsome fancy agouti Rats. I was over the moon. I still have the rats now they are called Tobias and Cornellius they are my best friends and go every were with me weather its in living room watching Benidorm to going to school and scaring my teachers.

Scarlett lily herron-ward
True Story?: