Bobby the King of the street

After losing her cat Angel my Daughter and I went to look at some kittens and there was Bobby, a rather cute ginger male with the longest tail we had ever seen ,it curled right up over his back and he was long and sleek with it.So into the car and home we went with Bobby firmly clutched in her arms .

Bobby soon became the boss of everyone ,the dogs learnt to give him a wide berth or suffer a swat around the head.he grew and grew untill he resembled something like the cartoon cat Garfield . My Daughter moved away from home reluctantly leaving Bobby behind.

We moved from the farm into town and Bobby spent two weeks hiding in our bed only venturing out for food or toilet. Gradually he started to check out his surroundings and became quite the town cat. We have had a few large vet bills as Bobby does not back down from anything and sometimes comes off with a wound or two.

One time he had a fight with one of the dogs and ended up with a dislocated jaw ,of course it was the weekend and after hours so the vet bill was horrendous and I believe a challange for the vet who had never seen a cat with a dislocated jaw before.

Bobby is now in his 13th year but still as large as life he goes next door and plonks himself down in the middle of there lounge as much to say I'm here you can pat me now but only untill I have had enough then I will attack your hand.I

f we go over to the other neighbours he will march over with us more or less muttering if you go over there I'm coming too. Just the other day a stranger came up our street and there was Bobby following him at a respectable distance,when the man turned around to leave Bobby stopped waited till he walked back past him then followed to the end of the street to make sure he had left.

All the neighbours know Bobby and if he is sitting in the middle of the road they all slow down and drive around him,after all the King moves for nobody.

Colleen Lauder
True Story?: