Brave kitten takes a leap of faith

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Brave kitten takes a leap of faith

This is the adorable moment two primary school students used an upturned umbrella to save a kitten trapped on a canopy in southern China. One schoolboy climbed up onto a step holding the umbrella the right way up, to try and lure the cat down. He quickly realised that was not the best way, and walked to the other end of the canopy.

He then called his friends, and two boys held up an umbrella upside down, as the kitten wandered around the red and white striped canopy. The boys, wearing blue and white shirts and red neck ties, patiently waited for the cat to jump, stretching out their arms as far as they could. The kitten initially held back, while sizing up the jump.

Then the moggie took a leap of faith, and the boys lowered the umbrella gently, setting the kitten free. The incident was filmed in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province, China, on 3 April. Since being posted online, people have praised the youngsters. “Brilliant call and great save”, Kathy Jones said. “Good job kids, saving the cat”, another said. 

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