Brother and Sister love

A few years ago my mum and dad  bought 2 golden retrievers. They were the best of pals. My dad had decided to take them on a walk in the park and let them off their lead to have a run around. They went in seprate directions.

A man let his pitbull off the lead too. Bess was currently wandering across to the pitbull when it started to attack her. Bess was crying out for help when my dad Jeff came running up to the owner to make his dog stop. The owner told Jeff that he didnt no how so jeff ran up to the pitbulll and was about to hit it when Bob came running at full speed with his ears flapping growled at the pitbull and bit it on the leg. The pitbull ran up to the owner whining. Luckily Bess managed to get away with only a few scaratches and cuts.

Sadly Bess died at the ripeful age of 13 and Bob followed 4 years later at the age of 16. They are now happily reunited in heaven and we now have a new dog named Smudge. We will all miss Bob and Bess xx.

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True Story?: 

oh i love dogs gess what i

oh i love dogs gess what i have a dog called bob heis a springer spangle he died too