Can't be together but can't be apart

One day I came home from food shopping with my parents to find my gerbils fighting. This was not a little scrap at all there was blood in the cage and Sateen one of my gerbils was covered with blood. I rang my best friend who had experienced this before and she told me to seperate them into pairs so Sateen and Velvet where in the pet carier and Tiger lily and Willow were in the gerbilarium.

I could not sleep and dad sat up all night watching the gerbils making sure there were no fights. The next day after school my mum had bought me another gerbilarium so Sateen and Velvet went into their new cage. I felt so relived that night that my gerbils were all ok only to find the next morning Tiger lily and Willow fighting. Mum told me to reintroduce Sateen, Willow and Velvet. Luckily they were fine with each other and still are now even though they do have there little squables.

Scarlett lily herron-ward
True Story?: