Charlie the movie critic

Charlie the movie critic


Back in the 1960s, I had a yellow-headed South American parrot. He was very smart and had been taught to do many clever things. He could bark like a small dog, cluck like a chicken, sing (although he was terribly off-key), and whistle better than any person I have ever heard. He also learnt to repeat my husband's name and said "Hello " when the phone rang. If someone knocked on the door he would say, "Come in", and they did. They were certain a person had told them to enter. 

But, for all his wisdom, he had never really replied directly to what was said to him, until one day when I had been watching a western movie on television. When it was over I turned off the TV, got up and said, 'Well, Charlie, how'd you like that cowboy show?'

Clear as you please, he replied," Pretty darn good". i could hardly believe my ears. I thought, "What a smart bird you are Charlie."


True story by Rose-Ann Kirkeeng of Canada.


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Rose-Ann Kirkeeng
True Story?: