Chattiechatkins is our pet budgerigar. He has such a long name that we just call him Chatty for short. When we went to get him it was love at first sight. He was only a cute little baby. His little tummy was grey and his wings were grey and black patched. He had a yellow and black striped head. He had the cutest black beedy eyes. We took him home and put him in his small bird cage.

Soon when Chatty got older and settled in we got him a companion Chirpy. Chirpy was a girl. She looked exactly like Chatty, just she had a dark blue tummy. They both grew up and were so close to breeding when we came home from a holiday and the petsitter told us Chirpy flew away.

Soon we taught Chatty how to talk he could say Chatty, who's a pretty boy, hello Chirpy and hello Chatty.

Soon we got another bird Cheepy. Cheepy did not look anything like Chatty. Cheepy had a light blue tummy with white wings and a white head. Chatty and Cheepy became best friends. Chatty laernt how to say Cheepy and hello Cheepy. Chatty's soooooooooooooooooooo clever.

In the future we bought a aviary. Chatty and Cheepy are true to their names because they chat and cheep all day long. Their avairy is huge. Chatty's tummy turned light green. In the meantime Cheepy laernt how to talk as well. He can say hello and whose a pretty boy. He's smart but not as smart as beautiful, pretty, chatty, bitey, budgie, boy Chattiechatkins! I absolutey love him and his beautiful, friendly friend Cheepycheepcheeps.

Budgies are the best creatures that ever lived. I love birds. Yes and Cheepy's real name is Cheepiecheepcheeps, but we just call him Cheepy for short. Budgies really do ROCK! Go budgies!

Caitlin Schmitt
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