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91 true stories. You’ll see animals quite differently.

Do animals have a sense of fun? Of course they do - and they also use their intelligence to get their own way.

You'll be surprised!

People from all over the world submitted their true stories for this edition in the entertaining SMARTER than JACK series.

This book will make enjoyable reading for all the family and a great gift.

You’ll find out how:

  • Sammy the dog made a game out of collecting the mail
  • Florentino the cat became a television critic
  • A magpie trained humans to feed him
  • Digger the dog faked an injury to stop his family going on holiday
  • Some wild rabbits and crows enjoyed a game of tag

Cheeky animals are SMARTER than JACK ISBN 0-9582571-5-9
Smart Sassy Animals ISBN 0-9582571-4-0

160 pages

148mm x 210mm (5¾" x 8¼"), paperback

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