Christmas Griffin

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My dog always got into the Christmas spirit - I guess he was sensitive to the positive vibes we put out there! One Christmas he amazed us all, however. As usual, we went to my parents' place for Christmas lunch and dinner. Almost as soon as we were through the door, Griffin trotted straight over to the tree and rustled around the presents. He found the one he was after, picked it up and trotted over to my mother, sitting at her feet, with an excited look ("Can I open my present, Gran?"). With permission granted he ripped into the wrapping paper to reveal his new toy hamburger.

Debbie Howell
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Cute dog! He must like

Cute dog! He must like christmas

your dog is really cute and

your dog is really cute and very smart and obedient.

cute dog, loverly story :)

cute dog, loverly story :)