My cat Topaz is the most cutest lovable cat ever! At first he wasnt our cat becacause he acually lived down the street. But one day there was the most tinyest orange fluffyest kiten I have ever seen. He (we at first that he was a she) was just sitting at the door with his big lovable eyes staring at me, melting my heart. We took him in and put up posters. Only few hours later, two girls from down the street, came and picked him up, because he was theres. But the next day he was back at our door! So we called them up and they took him home. But again he came back to us! So they cameagain that night and it was so hard to give him away because he was so cute and cuddly, they said he was mean! My mum nearlygave him to the lady and then she said " You can have him"! So we got to keep him! Topaz loves everybody,i dont know what we would have done without him! :)

Grace O
True Story?: