The Dancing Cockroach

I was walking into the kitchen to put the milk away when I saw a cockroach lying on its back, trying to flip itself over. I was familiar with the species of cockroach and knew it didn’t spread diseases so I flipped it over. It didn’t move and the way it’s legs were curled up made it look like it was unable to walk. I decided to release it; at least that way it would die outside, where it belonged. But when I picked it up it stared running across my hand and I had to keep putting the other hand in front of it to stop it going under my hand where I could no longer see it! I allowed my dog to sniff it then nudged it off my hand and onto the mat outside. It began pretending to limp but I knew it was ok so I closed the ranch slider. Realizing that this trick wouldn’t work anymore, the cockroach stopped limping and walked towards the ranch slider. It tucked in its front legs, drooped its antennae and looked up at me. I opened the ranch slider and let it back on my hand. It turned to face me and began wildly moving its antennae and one by one lifting up each of its legs. The cockroach was dancing! After a while of watching the funny dance I decided to try and release it again and this time it walked away. It had shown me what it wanted to show me and was ready to go.

True Story?: