Daylight robbery

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Daylight robbery!  

Seagulls are known for targeting tourists to steal a snack but as these incredible pictures show, they're also not afraid to nab food from puffins mid-flight. This cheeky black-headed gull was spotted trying its luck during a mid-air battle on the Farne Islands National Nature Reserve, off the Northumberland coast of Britain. The hungry bird saw the puffin with several fish in its mouth, and immediately seized its opportunity for a free lunch - snatching the fish away.

However, the gull managed to lose some of the catch in the scuffle and escaped with just one tiny fish. The extraordinary moment was caught on camera by Neo Ng, a freelance photographer from Hong Kong. He said: 'This was one amazing moment. The puffin was coming back from sea with a mouth full of fish. 'Usually, a puffin would be able to escape because of their speed, but this time the wind changed and it lost its momentum. 'That was the only reason I was able to get the shots.'

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