Dear little angel

On the 15th of December my rabbit Angel died. She was very unwell and we were just about to take her to the vets when she just suddenly passed away in my arms.

Angel had a sister named Raindrop and they were both inseperable but as Angel was ill Angel would not eat or drink or move so she sat currled up in a straw bale. When she passed away we buried her in the garden in the rabbits outdoor run.

We tried to get Raindrop a friend to live with but it took us a while as she is quite territorial and when she was alone just me and her she was trying to find angel in the straw bale.

Now we have got a friend for raindrop called Winter and Raindrop and Winter now sit on angels grave. We will always remember Angel The funny little rabbit she was and i will treasure her forever.

scarlett herron - Ward
True Story?: