My Dad has a Hungarian Vizsla named Lucy and I have a Golden Retriever named Lifty. One weekend Dad, Mum and I were travelling to Ansons Bay. Lifty and Lucy were barking out the back window at a motorbike. The pattern of barking was: Lifty-woof, Lucy-rwof, Lifty-woof, Lucy-rwof, Lifty-woof, Lucy-rwof. The pattern kept on going until the motorbike overtook us. The dogs went quite after that(except when the wallaby ran across the road behind us).

When we arrived at Ansons bay, Dad opened the top bit of the tail gate for the dogs to get out. Lifty jumped straight out (and she is only 8 months old!) but Lucy sooked did not jump out. The Hilux was all unpacked and Lucy was still sooking. Half an hour had passed and Dad gave in and opened the bottom bit of the tail gate and Lucy flew out and ran off to find Lifty.

The next day Dad, Lucy, Lifty and I went for a walk down to the beach. Because I was wearing shorts I had to take Lifty and Lucy into the water (I didn’t go for a swim the dogs did). Lifty loves to be in water, so I let go of her lead and she swam about trying to bite at the splashes she made with her paws. Lucy tried to stand on her tiptoes in the water so that her tummy would not get wet, but it did and she got out as soon as I let go of her lead and sat on the sand to watched Lifty swim about.

After lunch I put my bathers, life jacket and flippers on and swam in the water with Lifty. I held her lead and she pulled me along in the water. I had to kick really fast in my flippers to keep up with her so she didn’t have to pull me too hard. She tried to catch the splashes I made in her mouth too. She had a big smile on her face the entire time she was in the water.

After our swim the dogs went to sleep in the only two comfy chairs in the BBQ area, if the humans want a seat, they have to sit on the plastic chairs.

Catherine B
True Story?: