The Escape Artist

Each day when I get home from school at 3.00 I like to go down to cheak on my Rabbit Pepper. Well one day when I went down to her I noticed that she had dug a massive warren , anyway I ignored it and opened the cage door and walked in and slamed the door shut but what I did not know was that I had left it ajar .

When I was filling up her food container I looked up and saw she was out of her cage . For my Dogs ( Nikki , Ella and Jemima )had just gone around the corner . I was crying and screaming out to my Nan . Mind you my Nan thought that I had got bitten by a snake . Anyway she went down to the back of the yard and she found a hole in the fence luckily she did not go through it finnaly she ran back into her cage and had a drink and one of her carrots . That was an experance that I will never forget.

Alicia Lowe
True Story?: