Felix and Chocolate Cake

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Felix and Chocolate Cake

What is this? What are you people doing here?

15 big flies came to my room last night. Wiz wiz wiz all over the place. Then one of them sat on the carpet near me. He looked at me then back on the carpet, feet in the air.

I asked: What is this? What are you doing? What is your name? What do these people do here? He answered: My name is Felix. I came here to die. Birds on the tree told me, you like birds and give them rice every day.

I asked other flies: What are you doing here? They answered all at once, so loud that my neighbors heard that too. They said: WE ARE HERE FOR CELEBRATION. Then they started to wiz wiz wiz again.

Felix said: This is our tradition. They are my family. We celebrate death. They are happy for me.

Felix looked very old. I pushed him gently with a piece of paper on top of my fork. There was a lot of strawberry jam on it. He did not eat. He looked at me like, "Which part of I want to die, you don't underhand? I don't want jam."
I said. OK, rest.

He is in fly heaven now, eating chocolate cake. I think he did not like strawberry. May his soul be in peace."

5 Sept 2012
Wish You Happiness
Bhagavan Vedant Das

Bhagavn Vedant DAs
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