Fighting Leopards


Fighting leopards


Common wisdom holds that there's nothing as vicious as a cat fight - and judging by these pictures, it may well be right. Two leopards were pictured throwing everything at each other as they brawled in mid-air in the Auob River bed, at Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in South Africa.


Fanie Heymans, 52, captured these incredible photographs showing two female leopards fighting over territory. She said: “With adrenaline pumping, growling sounds, and a lot of dust, the moment was both exciting and scary. Knowing that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I fired away at this leopard fight. It first appeared to be a quarrel between a male and female leopard, but it turned out to be a territorial fight between two female leopards called Miera and Tsamma. The first fight lasted for over ten seconds, but the second one lasted only five seconds. As quick as it started, it was over!” 


Fanie has recently been following the leopards’ journey on the Kgalagadi Leopard Project Facebook page, and continues to share her amazing photographs of this rarely captured encounter. 






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