Fishy Go Swishy

Do you know how some fish are smart and some fish not as smart but definately have brains, well in our fish tank we have both.

Well sure there probaly not as smart as that cool fish on a tv show on animal planet that jumps through hoops and plays soccer or knows E-MC2.

But some of them swim down the bottom and only come up slightly for food, others go around and just suck on walls and clean and others come to the top of the tank when you just walk pass and when you put your finger in the water they nible and suck on your finger, it's cool because it tickles!

For those that have read my other stories: Maxxy Moo, Prince Kitty and Jack Jack read this:

Max now being 12 is still pretty healthy and energetic for his age!

Prince now 6 is starting to get chubby even though we feed him less, sissy says it's because he's getting older!

Jack who's now 7!

For those who take the time to actually read this story, thanky you!

And for those who have read my other 3 stories thank you too!

And for those who haven't it's your choice, but I recommend you read Fishy Go Swishy, Jack Jack, Prince Kitty and Maxxy Moo!

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13 now 14 (same as Chloe 13 not Chloe 14, I've had my birthday earlier)
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