Fortnightly story - 10 July 2017

Hi everyone. This week we have decided to provide something a little different from the usual story format - two great pictures from a photo competition. The fourth annual BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition aims to celebrate the diversity of life on Earth, and encourages people to protect and conserve it. This competition is held by the California Academy of Sciences, and reproduced below are two of the finalists from the thousands of entries received. All of the category winners were originally published on

Feather in the Flames (Winged Life Finalist)

Farmers in Singur, West Bengal, India, burn off the stubble left after harvest, and black drongos swoop to eat the insects fleeing the flames.

Photographer: Kallol Mukherjee


Roundup at Revillagigedo (Aquatic Life Finalist)

The nutrient and plankton-rich waters of the Revillagigedo Archipelago, Mexico, create an unusually healthy ecosystem. 

Here, over 1,000 top predators, including a variety of sharks and yellowfin tuna, gather to eat.


Photographer: Ralph Pace


Credit: Sourced and adapted from article at





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