I have an aviary full of budgies and cockatiels. A long time ago we bourght Missy, a cockatiel. We called her Missy because she (well she is accuatly a he. But we called her a she untill we found out he was a boy)was smart and up to mishief all the time. Missy stayed ina big cage in the house. She loved to whistle and knew the gellong themesong! She had a a box and when we tapped on it she stuck her head out to see who was there. Enough talking about Missy, (go to "Knock, Knock". And "Missy" to read more about her) Missy went into the aviary with another cockatiel called Fudge (who wasnt friendly) and they were best of friends. Fudge learnt to sing Missy's favourite song (the one what you do when you see a hot girl or boy) At first he did a loud scream which was very piercing. But when Missy died suddenly (Sadly, she was THE BEST BIRD!!) Fudge was curious and worried about where she was. She did his loud pierced scream, but Missy didnt anwser. We soon found 2 more cockatels, a girl and a boy called Misty and Mister. Fudge liked to curl up with Misty, and they always left Mister feeling very jealous!!

Kiran Q
True Story?: