Gertrude and Heathclif

I used to have a box turtle named Comet. Box turtles live out of water and have a round, tall shell. His food was chopped veggies, flies, and the occasional worm for a treat from the garden. It was easy to travel across Canada by train with us in a bag to go live with my eldest daughter. He taught me alot and was a good little friend, but the two water turtles I have now, are teaching us also about their different habits and personalities.

Gertrude and Heathcliff were a rescue situation from a home that didn't have a clue about taking care of turtles. They have a flatter round shell, six inches long, live and swim in water much like fish, and just occasionaly get out of water to sleep or "sunbathe".

One day last summer, I let them out on my patio beside my garden to roam around (instead of in the house), for a change, to get fresh air and discover new things. I decided to see if they shared the same kind of diet as Comet and dug up a worm for them. I put it down in front of them and Heathcliff looked at the squirmy thing with no interest. Gertrude stared at it for awhile as I looked on anxiously waiting to see what would happen next.

Now, just to let you know, if any turtle thinks he's got food in front of him or her, even if it could be a finger, they can chomp on it quite hard without mercy. I was thinking Gertrude was going to have a good little meal when she went forward to pick up the worm. She picked it up alright, and with it squirming on both sides of her mouth, she ever so gently held it, walked over to the edge of the garden where the soil started, placed it down in the dirt, turned around and walked the 3feet back to Heathcliff. The worm unscathed, wiggled into the soil to live another day. Amazing!

Just turtle pellets for them! No meat for Gertrude and Heathcliff !!!

Janice Madison
True Story?: 

Update: I found out Gertrude

Update: I found out Gertrude and Heathcliff like tiny dried shrimp...!