Grace & Mercy

I was driving home from work. I was praying for specific assistance for the task I had before me. You see, there is always an unending amount of poor homeless creatures (mostly cats) who are begging their way through their life. Many go unnoticed or cared about, but some happen upon a good samaritan who cannot bear to see their obvious struggles. So, to get to the point of my title, "Grace & Mercy", this is what I requested - if this mother and kittens needed to be rescued from the cold, hungry life of begging for food at Maryknoll Seminary kitchen, then I needed grace and mercy to accomplish this task. It meant setting up my one and only have-a-heart trap for about 8 felines (one mother & 7 kittens). Meanwhile there would be people walking through this area on their way to a self-help program. This means the feral kitties would be scared by their presence and scared during my silent rescue process. Perhaps their need for food would distract them from noticing possible danger descending upon them? I sure hoped so. To make a long night, of stressful effort to do my best, short - I placed each individually captured feline safely in another cage within my car (that was a precariously hard task in itself). After the LAST successful rescued feline (the mother of all kittens), was placed successfully in my car, I started my car. My radio was set on a inspirational station and immediately I heard this soothing male voice announcing to me: "I WONDER HOW MANY OF YOU OUT THERE TONIGHT COULD BE THANKING THE LORD FOR HIS 'GRACE & MERCY'. I was ecstatic and overwhelmed that my request was definitely guided to successful completion of the rescue. I danced and sang around the parking lot, then ran into the kitchen to announce to the staff that they now had less mouths to feed outside. I knew they would be relieved, but not as much as me. I named the first kitten to be captured, "Grace" - the last was the mommy, "Mercy"

Deanna Hutchby
71 years young
True Story?: 

what a loverly story, i am so

what a loverly story, i am so happy for you and the kittens