One day a man bought a baby possum into the SPCA shelter that i was working at,I didnt want to leave him alone,so bought him home,he slept all day,but at night he sat on the back of the sofa and ate grapes pulled my husbands glasses off,trim the back of his hair neatly and put his n ose in Peters ear which caused a great deal of hysterical laughter.We decided that it might be better to put him in a cage in the sitting room where he would have company,Peter said he wont get out of that,next thing Gus flattened himself and oozed out through the bars,and ran up and down the standard lamps,we let him go outside to the trees that surrounded our house,he would come inside the verandah when he was ready,one night there was a rattle of the kitchen doorknob,I opened the door and found our cat Sam and Gussie the possum sitting on the doorstep.One night Gus didnt come in and I searched every where for him, no gus.I had a phone call at the shelter the next morning,a lady two sts away from my home had found a young possum and could I come and pick it up.When I arrived, I found gus sound asleep in a basket,I didnt tell the lady he was mine,but knew that Gussie needed to go some where safe,so he went to a sanctuary,it wasnt till spring that we found out how neatly he had pruned the roses and the apple tree.

Kathleen Ashbridge
True Story?: