The happy stowaway

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The happy stowaway

A cat used up at least one of his nine lives when he incredibly survived a 270-mile journey sitting under the bonnet of his neighbour's car. Eight-year-old Mogul was curled up on the car's engine and even stayed put when the family enjoyed a day out in the Yorkshire countryside.

The driver set off on the four-hour journey from Hampshire's New Forest to Yorkshire, completely unaware that the adorable white cat had found a new hiding place. Mogul was only discovered days later, after neighbours noticed an unfrozen patch on their car bonnet as the cold weather swept in. Owner Charlotte Gwyther had given up hope she would ever see her moggy again after he had been missing for five days. 

Ms Gwyther told the Bournemouth Echo: “We thought he’d been hit by a car or something and probably wasn’t going to be coming back. Then our neighbours rang and said: ‘We’ve got your cat’ – which was a complete shock, because they were more than 200 miles away in Yorkshire. Mogul must have climbed into the engine bay while their car on was the driveway and sat on the battery for the whole journey.” 

After his long adventure, Mogul escaped unscathed, albeit oily. Ms Gwyther said she was in "complete shock" for a few days after Mogul's return. She told the local newspaper: "They noticed that part of the bonnet hadn’t frozen over but didn’t really think anything of it, then saw a white cat drinking water from a puddle. They knew Mogul had gone missing and noticed his yellow collar. There were also clear signs that he had been sitting in the engine compartment. Luckily they were coming home the next day and obviously brought Mogul with them. He was a little oily and had lost a bit of weight but seemed perfectly happy, despite what had happened, and was purring away. I was in complete shock for several days. It’s amazing he survived such a long journey in the engine bay at motorway speeds.”

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