Heroic animals are SMARTER than JACK

SKU: ISBN 0-9582571-3-2

91 true stories. You’ll see heroic animals quite differently.

Can animals truly be heroic? Of course they can - and they can do much more than keep us company and guard our property. You'll be surprised.

People from all over the world submitted their true stories for this edition in the entertaining SMARTER than JACK series.

This book will make enjoyable reading for all the family and a great gift.

You’ll find out how:

  • Jessie the cat rescued a runaway mouse
  • Toegy the goat showed amazing healing powers
  • Jack the dog gave a special gift to a blind stranger
  • Sonny the rat's sensitive nose averted disaster
  • A Shetland pony assisted an elderly waterlogged ram

160 pages

5¾" x 8¼" (148mm x 210mm), paperback

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