How it works

  1. First you need to register your interest with us. Registration is free and will not commit you to being involved, we just need this information so we can work out if SMARTER than JACK is right for your organization as a fundraiser.
  2. Upon receiving your registration of interest we will assess it and send you a confirmation email. You should receive this within one day of registering.
  3. You will now be ready to start raising funds with SMARTER than JACK. You can do this using your website, email newsletter or by sending out brochures to your supporters.

Online, direct mail or catalogues

There are many ways to raise funds from SMARTER than JACK:


  • Promote the SMARTER than JACK series with a link to our order website.
  • Once you are confirmed as a registered charity with SMARTER than JACK you will be able to put the logo on your website and/or just use the URL link on your website or in your emails. Using either of these methods will ensure that the customer links through to your charity's SMARTER than JACK subsite. If you are unsure how to do this please email
  • The customer completes the order form on our website, including nominating your organization to receive the donation. The order (including payment) is processed and fulfilled by us.
  • We send your organization payment every three months if customers have selected your charity.

Direct mail

  • Your organization sends/hands out the brochures to your supporters.
  • The customer completes the order form, including nominating which charity the donation is to go to (you may stamp your organization name in the box or have a printable form on your website) and encloses payment. The customer orders will be processed and fulfilled by us.
  • We send your organization a report and donation payment following the promotion.

Catalogue or shelter sales

Your organization can purchase SMARTER than JACK books in advance to sell to your supporters in your catalogue or at your shelters. You can purchase stock here.

Your organization can also purchase SMARTER than JACK fundraising kits. Each kit includes 20 individually shrink-wrapped books and a special perspex SMARTER than JACK stand. The kits are ideal if you have limited display space in your shelter shop. You can return half of the books if they don't sell too. This reduces your risk.

Email for more information and an order form.

Other options

Your organization may decide at any time to begin accepting orders directly from your supporters and/or fulfilling book and subscription orders directly.

Your organization may request complimentary copies of STJ books for special promotions or gift presentations in your community.

Register your interest now.