How My Guinea Pig Has Got On

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Ella is now a year and a half and she is very sweet.I got her off trade me and was from a sweet litter.she has a sister called Fluffy and they are sisters and born in a diffrent litter.She loves to eat cucumber and rockmelon and is not so kean eating carrots infront of people.Fluffy knows a trick that she climbs and puts on her cutest face.Ella loves to chace after grass and loves to hide her face under Fluffys tummy.I like to make pics and videos of them and it is hard to keep them together for along time.Scyped my friend and i brought my guinea pig to the camera and she loved it.Everytime i hold her she tries to kiss me and she never squeals infront of me.She loves to meets new peopleand is not so scared of cats.!!!!!PIC IS NOT ELLA!!!!!

Caitlin Stone
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