Janola Charmed

Charm is a cutie. We bought her from a friend. Charm is a chestnut with flaxen mane and tail, A blaze and 4 white stockings. She is 2 in October. She has a paddock with two other horses, Ahmes and Miki. She acts like an old horse because she lives with 2 old horses. Charm is registered as Janola Charmed.
Charm is smart and this true story proves it:
My mum was leading Charm and I came over on my horse Smokey because I was riding him. Charm was being stubborn because she didn't want to go over the ditch that had a puddle in it (What a true arab!). We tried everything. My mum got this rope and we used it as a thing that you use to get naughty horses behave. She kept bucking and it came of. She kept on doing it. You might think that the rope method is cruel but it isn't because it is a soft rope that we use. It was a type of lunging rope that is soft. Charm knew that she could get it of by being naughty.

Charm is a real little cutie!!!

True Story?: