Jasper is our lovely little,I mean,big puppy. Lots of people think he is a pedigree but he's not. He's actually part of  and nearly the whole retreiver family! His father is a Golden Retreiver and his name is Winser and his mother is a Black Labrador Retreiver cross Flat-coated Retreiver. Her name is Roxy. You would think Jasper is black but he is yellowish-white. When we first brought him home he was realy shy then he started getting used to home (that was before he became a pest). He loves us. A lot.

Once when my dad took him for a walk to the park dad let Jasper off his leash to have a run. It was at night and I was not allowed to go for the walk, I was inside watching TV. I looked up and I saw Jasper through the glass! Jasper was trotting up to our door. "MUM" I called. "We have got a visitor named JASPER." Mum let Jasper in. "Dad will be here any second," said Mum. But she was WRONG. In about 6 minutes Dad was back with a big frown on his face. He came in "JASPER IS MISSING" he said then he spotted Jasper "What, who, how?" he said. "How did he get here." "Dunno," I said. Jasper had ran home! Jasper likes to dig a lot but I TOTALLY LOVE HIM. We sometimes call him Jaspy or Jattes.

Caitlin Schmitt
True Story?: